Bodyworks Ireland

Bodyworks Ireland was set up by Sonya Keogh and is focused on providing high quality services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Sonya began her education in bodywork during her time she spent in New Zealand, studying holistic and deep tissue massage. She later studied different approaches including, Western philosophies in both Tuina and Amatsu and other forms of massage. Still fascinated with how the body works, she continued to studied visceral manipulation, cranial therapy, orthopedic massage, and neuromuscular approaches including NMT, Structural Integration and Somatic Education. She continues to develop and deepen her own sensory awareness, healing and self-knowledge by daily Somatic practice. 

She is dedicated to a body-centered approach to healing and well-being. She is currently studying to be a Somatic Movement Teacher, which has really refined her clinical work.

How she became a body-centered therapist:

Her first experience in movement lessons, was during the many year she trained in Kenpo, under Sifu Shay Mc Namee and graded to a Red Belt. During this time, she practiced being in the present and daily movement lessons. There was also a lot of pain and injuries included in this fabulous time of her life.

In later life after an accident, she began to experience a lot of back pain and has spent time in hospital. During this time, she learnt a lot about rehabilitation regarding pain, limitation and other approaches of self-care. 


Sonya’s work integrates Orthopedic and Sports Massage, Structural Integration, Amatsu, cranial and visceral manipulation, while taking a Somatic (Mind-Body) approach. She is passionate in finding the root cause of pain and teaching clients to explore ways to move pain free in their daily routine.

Her clinically experience ranges from treating chronic and acute pain in adults of all ages and abilities, working with athletes and elderly clients suffering mobility issues such as osteoporosis and working with children. 

Why Bodyworks Ire​land?

At Bodyworks Ireland you will get a tailor made treatment, whether it be simply to de-stress, or to look at an underlining issue that has been causing pain and discomfort and find ways to improve function and decrease pain. 

If you are a member of Irish Life Health Insurance depending on your subscription you are entitled to certain amount of refund. Don't forget to mention this before your treatment.